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Compendium Maintenance indicators - Reset

Compendium Maintenance indicators - Reset

Compendium Maintenance indicators - Reset

No need to connect the tester !
All hand methods for resetting to zero on 600 + pages
Pocket Format (10 x 15 cm)

All manual-reset methods
Easy-to-use Format
Malfunctions indicators
Scope of vehicles
or demanding specific reset-equipment
Any make !
Any model
up to 2014...
see the index...
Price w/o VAT:
49.50 €


This pocket book will allow you to manually reset the two main indicators:

  • The maintenance indicator: It informs the driver when a maintenance operation is due, whatever the time interval type, be it fixed or variable (LongLife, EcoFlex...). Most of the time, it is possible acting on the instruments panel buttons (or the pedals) to reset it.
  • The TPMS -Tire Pressure Monitoring System: It blinks or remains lighted when a tyre pressure level crosses its lower reference limit. According to the technology used, it could be necessary to reset it after replacing a tyre (or adjusting its pressure). This is always manually possible.

Through these functions, in most occurrences (give a look at the index) you will avoid using your expensive and sophisticated diagnosis equipment - which will be a lot more profitable in expert diagnosis than for these simple scheduled maintenance operations.

Having this in mind, we included, in the book last pages, the methods (again manual) for unlocking the electric parking brake. By design, the EPB can avoid locking the brake when switching the engine off. This allows the vehicle to freely move on the floor or on the lift.

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